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Apr 15, 2022

Join the guys in the Cabin this week as they talk the basics of turkey hunting with retired Michigan DNR officer Dan Prince.


How did Dan get started in turkey hunting

  1. His dad was a professor at Michigan State University and specialized in birds.
  2. His dad brought his first turkey to his classroom as a kid and Dan thought that was the coolest thing
  3. Early years calling

How to scout wild turkeys

  1. Areas that deer frequent 
  2. Turkey feathers and what you can learn from them
  3. Turkey scat
  4. Scratching areas
  5. Strut Marks and tracks
  6. Dusting areas


How to start a morning hunt

  1. Go out no matter the weather
  2. Near roosting trees
  3. Follow the birds patterns
  4.  Set up before shooting times


  1. Call lightly at first light
  2. Box Call
  3. :Push Button Call
  4. Friction Pot Call
  5. Mouth call

Phases of spring

  1. Nesting practices by female turkeys
  2. How many eggs do turkeys lay



  1. Carrying decoys safely
  2. Setting up a strutter
  3. Dan's Favorite setup
  4. Distance to set up
  5. Breeding sets
  6. When to use a strutter

Calling turkeys

  1. Yelps
  2. Clucks
  3. Cutting
  4. Purrs

Tick prevention

Tagging your bird

Setting up a pop up blind