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Jun 23, 2022

Join the crew tonight as they talk about what goes into a custom fishing rod and why should you consider purchasing a custom rod? Stop in and take a listen to Pat Magdaleno of MAGS Custom Rods answer a few questions on rod building. Also find out what type of rod fits your needs.

The Beginning of MAGS Rods

  1. The passion for fishing
  2. MMA fighting took a front seat
  3. Got back into the outdoors
  4. Started a Fishing Charter Boat Service
  5. Began to build rods for himself
  6. How it turned into a business

What goes into making custom rods and running the business

Ice fishing Rods

Freshwater Rods

Saltwater Rods

The ins and outs of custom rods

What fits your fishing needs

What makes Pat tick with our end of the show questions