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Aug 11, 2022

Getting into the archery groove tonight by talking with Rob Komyathy of Outtech about the PSE Omen's return to the scene. What is new with the Omen and see the other flagship hunting bows of PSE Archery.

Getting to know Rob and Outtech

  1. Worked in the outdoors all his life
  2. Loves to fish
  3. Outtech 40 years in sales and marketing
  4. PSE is now with Outtech

Omen revamped

  1. Now has the EC and SE cam systems
  2. Still super fast
  3. Not as aggressive
  4. Incredibly stable
  5. Dynamic brace height
  6. Comparing the old and the new Omen
  7. Comparing the high let off and the low let off mods
  8. FDS Technology

Talking about the PSE EVO XF

  1. Specs
  2. High vs low let offs
  3. What do you give up using a high let off

Supply chain affects on shipments

Carbon bow building

Running down the revamped Brute ATK and the Stinger ATK

Getting to know Rob with the UNJ Four Questions