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Aug 18, 2022

Join us in the Cabin This week as we find out when is it time to call in the dogs to track and find your deer. Rob Miller of Miller's Deer Tracking tells us when it's time to find a deer tracker and what all is involved in deer tracking dogs.

How did Rob get involved in deer tracking

  1. Shot a deer and couldn't find it, tried to find a deer tracker
  2. Not many around
  3. Decided to Get a dog and learned how to track
  4. The process of teaching tracking

Distinguishing one scent from another

What happens with scent when a deer is shot

The training regime for a scent dog

How do I know if I need a tracking dog or not

Knowing your dog

Does human scent affect the dog's nose

How does a rifle differ from a bow in tracking a deer

Does the breed of dog affect the tracking ability

Longest tracks

Danny's experience with dogs on a deer track

Most memorable deer track

State laws and regulations for trackers and dogs

The dog's reward for finding a deer

Best time to track and how weather affects the track

Injured buck chasing dog

Rules concerning dispatching injured deer