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Sep 1, 2022

Join us in the Cabin as we talk with Chad Stewart a deer biologist for Michigan's DNR about their new mandatory deer harvest reporting rule implemented this season.

Chad Stewart's Outdoor background

  1. Pennsylvania background
  2. Indiana deer biologist
  3. West Virginia
  4. Degrees at Penn State and Illinois

Talking about deer hunting heritages in Pennsylvania and Michigan

Michigan's new deer harvest reporting rule

  1. Overview of what you need to do when reporting a successful kill
  2. What does the confirmation number do for us and what do we do with it
  3. What questions do they ask on the report
  4. Will you still have check stations to stop at and check your deer in
  5. How the confirmation number works
  6. Why do I have to list my kill location 
  7. How does the location work
  8. Why should I give them my location
  9. What information are we as hunters going to get out of this
  10. Reporting multiple deer kills
  11. When will the data be available to help make decisions

Talking APR's

Real time data will be available to the DNR and the public

Hunter retention and recruitment