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Sep 22, 2022

Talking with Kip Adams of the National Deer Association about the good of mandatory deer checks and how this is going to change management here in Michigan.

20 years with Deer Management

  1. He has been involved with QDMA and NDA for 20 years
  2. Announcement from NDA today
  3. Field to Fork
  4. The 3 R's
  5. 20-30 year age group is now the focus
  6. The Back 40 with Mark Kenyon

Michigan's Mandatory Deer Checks

  1. Pennsylvania has had theirs in effect for many years
  2. How it use to be done
  3. How the data is going to help
  4. Pennsylvania data comes out a few months after season is over
  5. Michigan is now the gold standard
  6. Real time data available to the hunters
  7. This will help to make better management decisions
  8. Is dropping a pin point for kill site location a concern for hunters?
  9. Location is key for management
  10. How is the Amish community counted for deer kills?
  11. What is the future information that we might get from this program?
  12. Reporting is quick and easy
  13. Could this be used to report diseased deer?

Other educational opportunities through NDA