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Sep 29, 2022

Join the guys tonight as they talk with Dean Smith a Michigan Hunter about the 3 Do It Yourself hunts he took recently in Alaska for Caribou and Blacktail deer. He gives a few things to lookout for and suggestions on how you too can take a trip of a lifetime!


Planning the trip 2018 Caribou Hunt

  1. Getting a group together
  2. Time frame
  3. Choosing an air transporting service
  4. Getting your license to hunt
  5. Getting gear out to hunting location
  6. Clothes and food
  7. Dealing with medical emergencies
  8. Water supply
  9. Making fire
  10. Taking photos
  11. The hunt
  12. Long distance shooting

The 2020 Blacktail Hunt

  1. Why Kodiak Island
  2. Grizzlies
  3. What was different than the 2018 hunt
  4. A more physically demanding hunt than 2018
  5. Conditioning before the hunt
  6. Packing meat home

The 2022 Caribou Hunt

  1. Flying in land vs water landings
  2. Price ranges for the hunts
  3. Time of the year
  4. Weather conditions
  5. What did you do differently this time back for caribou
  6. Archeology site