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Oct 6, 2022

Wondering how to save time and money on your taxidermy mounts? Tonight we are talking with Troublesome Creek Taxidermy's owner Scott Tabor on how you can do just that! He will explain a unique way that you can get your mounts back quicker as well as saving some money.

Taxidermist Scott Tabor from Troublesome Creek Taxidermy

  1. Where did you get your love for taxidermy
  2. Father dabbled in taxidermy
  3. Went to taxidermy school while in Marine Corps
  4. Fell in love with waterfowling
  5. Specializes in waterfowl

How does shipping a bird to Scott work

  1. He can ship back or deliver if you have a group of birds or guys with birds to be shipped
  2. Can turn birds around within a year or shorter
  3. Freezing birds and waiting for the right time to ship

Asking the right questions to make sure you have the mount you want.

Shipping costs and process

The big reveal on what he shipped to us for the studio

How it is boxed 

Freezing your birds

The process of taking care of the bird after the shot and before you ship it

Process to ship to Scott

The Up North Journal Discount code

When to ship your birds

Can you refreeze a bird

Dealing with turkeys and pheasants


Chatting about the Ohio Walleye Tournament scandal.