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Oct 20, 2022

Join us in the Cabin this week as we talk about a possible new precedent setting indictment of tournament anglers along with 460 lbs. of illegal salmon taken. We also cover the Michigan DNR's new deer population video recently released.

Cheating tournament fisherman indicted on felony charges. 

Does this set a new precedent for cheaters

  1. Could this spill over into other areas where cheating is proven
  2. Could this happen in professional sports
  3. The law of unintended consequences 

460 pounds of Salmon taken illegally in Michigan

  1. Manistee River at Tippy Dam
  2. Colorado anglers caught with 460lbs of illegal salmon
  3. No fishing licenses
  4. Using illegal fishing practices
  5. Found with 40-50 fileted fish in vehicle

What is the safe buffer area from another hunter on public land?

Do archery hunters shoot a higher percentage of does to bucks than firearm hunters?

Michigan DNR releases new video on herd management and population control numbers. 

  1. How many deer taken is too many
  2. What does it take to maintain current population
  3. Is a 40% harvest rate too high
  4. Expected hunting trends in the near future

New hunting license app