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Nov 10, 2022

In honor of Veterans Day coming up we are talking with Carrie Zylka of Hunt Fish Travel Podcast along with Joe Wesner of Ultimate Veteran Adventures that is taking out some of our lady veterans out for a duck hunt next weekend on Saginaw Bay in Michigan.

Joe's story about his service and recovery that led to Ultimate Veteran Adventures

  1. Was out of the service on a medical discharge
  2. Used the outdoors to help recover
  3. His experience led to forming UVA

Talking about what makes up a good veterans organization

Has formed a support group with veterans that he has taken into the outdoors

How he met Carrie Z

  1. Veteran fishing trip in New York
  2. Carrie's experince
  3. How it helped her relate to her service
  4. Don't use a turkey choke to hunt ducks 

The hunt on Saginaw Bay

  1. 2 1/2 day hunt
  2. Targeting old squaw ducks
  3. 4 lady veterans
  4. One coming from Colorado

Info about Ultimate Veteran Adventures

  1. All volunteer
  2. All money goes for veteran adventures
  3. How to get in touch with the organization
  4. Looking for opportunities for veterans
  5. Need money to pay for trips
  6. Qualifications for veterans for trips
  7. Getting veteran's families involved
  8. Gold Star families
  9. Future trips
  10. How does other states work with veterans
  11. Omelette in a bag