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Dec 30, 2022

Join the guys in the Cabin as they talk with firearm lawyer Jim Makowski & The Island Armory'. They talk about Michigan Bill 6544 that is being pushed in Michigan that would ban "Assault" weapons, and about pistol braces & firearm trusts.


Michigan Bill 6544

  1. What is in the bill
  2. What that would mean for gun owners
  3. How would this change gun ownership in Michigan
  4. What would you have to do
  5. Is this bill likely to pass

Pistol Braces

  1. New rules concerning pistol braces
  2. How is this going to change pistols with braces
  3. what does this mean for gun owners

Firearm Trusts

  1. What is a trust
  2. Why would you need one
  3. What are the pluses and minuses