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Feb 9, 2023

Tonight we are talking with two fishermen from the collegiate bass fishing series. We have two rival colleges represented tonight from right here in Michigan. It is Central Michigan University vs Western Michigan University in the UNJ Cabin!

How each of the guys got onto their respective college teams.

  1. The competitive edge
  2. Family influence
  3. Outdoor Channel influence

Fishing takes up time everyday

  1. Tournament
  2. Fundraising
  3. School
  4. Work

Thoughts on the Ohio Tournament weight stuffing scandal

Tournament schedule

  1. Pre fishing
  2. Team set ups

How the fundraising is going at this point in the year?

  1. Money
  2. Sponsors

Advocates for the outdoors

  1. Recruiting new team members
  2. Working with youngsters

How does the money get used and how big is the team

Favorite bait to use while catching bass

Family support is critical, how does your family play into your fishing?

What are the career aspirations for both fisherman?

Scariest moment on the water while fishing a tournament

Favorite equipment to use and why

Ever been stopped by the DNR while fishing a tournament

Fishing the indoor pond during the fishing show

Catching a tagged fish

Does weather ever get bad enough to call off a tournament?

Fishing the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

What is your bucket list lake to fish

Our final four questions to get to know the guys

Angler of the year award

Best fish ever caught