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Apr 27, 2023

Spring food plots are getting ready to be planted soon. We check in with Lincoln Rohn of PackerMaxx to talk about what's new with his company along with what you can do to help your local deer herd this season.

Up North Journal Anniversary and a special dedication for this show for a close friend of Lincoln Rohn's

What is new for Best Outdoors and PackerMaxx

  1. Five 2 Outdoors and how it plays into Best Outdoors
  2. How this special acquisition came about
  3. How the show season went for PackerMaxx

Talking about something to try for a food plot this season

  1. Using screens
  2. Making an island out of screens
  3. Making a soft edge on a food plot

Perspective as an older outdoorsman and how we don't let things bother us anymore.