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Jul 26, 2010

Sighting In My Bow At Long Distances

  1. 40 yards
  2. 50 yards
  3. 60 yards

Hunting Legacy

  1. My dad
  2. When does one loose interest?

African Safari, Jerry Long of Dusty Varmint Game Calls

  1. How to plan
  2. What to expect
  3. Choosing an outfitter
  4. How to prepare
  5. Getting your trophies home
  6. Unforseen items

Mikey's Game Bag, He's Back!

Beyond The Wild 11

  1. Youth turkey hunts
  2. Rio Hunt
  3. Two Eastern Hunts
  4. Turkey fight!

The Hunting Consultant
almost fourteen years ago

Hey guys,

This was the first hunting podcast I have ever listened to. I like the concept. BTW, computers are usually only good for 3 years if you are using modern software. Good luck with that!