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Mar 3, 2008

New Blog and Web Sites:

Hooks and Bullets Blog:

Up North Journal Hunting Blog:

A Cool New Web Site:


Coyote Tips

  1. Tyvek suits:
  2. Trail Cams

Outdoor Shows


  1. Proposed Bill Could Ban Lead Ammunition in Massachusetts
  2. Minnesota’s Hunting Heritage is Under Attack
  3. Good sense prevails for younger hunters
  4. Virginia Removes Youth Hunting Restrictions
  5. Switcheroo: Bear Found Wearing Goat’s Radio Collar
  6. Outrage Of The Week -- For American Hunters and Shooters Association, the Truth Hurts

Mikey's Game Bag:  Turkey Calls

  1. Box Calls
  2. Friction Calls
  3. Mouth Calls

Preparing For Turkey Preseason