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Aug 12, 2019

The guys were talking tonight with Jerry Milos about EZ Kut product lineup and how Jerry got involved with EZ Kut.

  1. The beginnings of EZ Kut with Buster Greenway
  2. How Jerry found out about EZ Kut
  3. Jerry's first pair of EZ Kut Pruners
  4. How Scott Bass came into the picture
  5. How filming their hunts played into the EZ Kut picture
  6. Four years of trying to purchase the company
  7. Why should someone put the EZ Kut pruners in their hunting pack?
  8. Lifetime warranty on the Pruners
  9. Working quiet

How the Sling Pack came about

  1. Idea came once again from time in the tree stand filming
  2. The loppers came first
  3. Oiler Bolts
  4. Sling pack was designed to have a place to put your loppers
  5. How the pack was designed
  6. The Wow Saw
  7. The Carbide Sharpener

The 20 ft. pole saw powered by Kamakazi

  1. The pro line series
  2. How the blade is designed
  3. The design of the pole
  4. Blade covers
  5. The remainder of the lineup

How did Jerry get involved in the outdoors

  1. Started as a youngster with his father and grandfather
  2. Pheasant hunting as a youngster
  3. Started deer hunting in Wisconsin
  4. First shot at a deer with a bow
  5. The four questions for Jerry
  6. Catfish Grabbing