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May 3, 2016

First Time Turkey Hunt Success Story

  1. UNJ mentored new turkey hunter
  2. Taught a new hunter how to get ready for turkey season
  3. Private land hunt
  4. First day of hunt set up on a field edge
  5. Saw a lone hen that sat in the decoys
  6. Evening hunt, saw the same hen and more hens that laid in the decoys
  7. Second day of the hunt, heard gobblers on the way to the blind
  8. Tried to set up on the birds before day light but no luck
  9. Finally made it to the blind for the morning hunt
  10. Heard the first gobble close by
  11. Tom comes in for the kill
  12. The excitement after the kill
  13. Hard to explain the excitement with words
  14. Talking about the measurements on the bird
  15. Talking about what he is going to do with the bird
  16. Self taxidermy tips