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Apr 26, 2016

Illinois turkey hunt gone bad with Carrie Zylka of HuntFishTravel

  1. Carrie heads to Illinois for a turkey hunt and gets sick
  2. In Illinois you can only hunt turkeys until 1:00pm
  3. First day heard a lot of turkeys but nothing to shoot
  4. Set up in the middle of an ag field in a pop blind with a shotgun
  5. After the first morning hunt she became seriously ill
  6. After missing a day's hunt she went back out the third day but got even worse and called the hunt short
  7. Hunting Wisconsin next three weekends
  8. Talking hunting Wisconsin for turkeys
  9. Can draw multiple tags for turkeys in Wisconsin
  10. NWTF rejuvenated the turkey population in Wisconsin
  11. Wisconsin is overrun with turkeys
  12. Is the beginning of turkey season slow so far?
  13. Podcast Movement Event in July