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Mar 21, 2016

Black Eagle Arrows and Randy Kitts the President of Black Eagle Arrows Talks with us.

  1. Reminiscing about the ATA show in Louisville
  2. The Spartan Arrow, New for 2016
  3. Talking about modern bow efficiency
  4. The Vintage Arrow, New for 2016
  5. Fletching options
  6. Saskatchewan bear hunt
  7. Randy's hunting roots
  8. Randy became the beagle
  9. How did Ohio turn around the quality of big bucks being shot.
  10. Trail Cams and Baiting plays a big role in shooting big bucks
  11. Arrrow selection for the game you're chasing
  12. Randy talks about his favorite wild game meal
  13. Does Randy like to fly?
  14. What is Randy's favorite snack for the trip to the outdoors?
  15. Randy only likes two kinds of music
  16. Randy's last word!