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Mar 22, 2016

Using the new GoPro Hero 4 Black in the outdoors

  1. How new technology such as these action cameras are changing the outdoors for the better
  2. Time Lapse video during the day of cloud movement
  3. Indoor time lapse of me at work behind the video switcher
  4. Night time lapse video of the moon, stars and clouds
  5. Mossy Oak's use of a GoPro on a weather balloon
  6. Can run in total darkness
  7. Ability to catch star movement
  8. Ability to tether to an I-phone and use to Periscope through the GoPro App and Periscope App
  9. Underwater housing rated to 130 feet deep
  10. Talk about using with a drone to scout for pre-hunting seasons
  11. Badlands Film Festival GoPro only category