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May 26, 2016

Episode #44, On this week's episode we go over the Hunting & Fishing Expo we went to this week, as well as the things we found interesting there.  We have our usuall outdoor news of the week, as well as Mikey's Game Bag.  This week he discuss' Wood Duck Boxes.  Then lastly I go over a few items concerning our Ohio turkey hunt coming up in April. 

Hunting & Fishing Expo:

1. Caged Deer, Bill Yoder

2. Vendors

3. Truck & SUV tents

4. UV Blocker, Sport Wash, and Scent control from Atsko

5. Helping Young Hunters Inc.


6. Bill Putman, running for Senator


Outdoor News of the Week

1.New Jersey Game Commission

2.Michigan Poacher

3. Antis howl over Wolf rules

Mikey's Game Bag

Wood Duck Box Construction (for plans use the link below)

Planning our Ohio Turkey Hunt in April