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Dec 26, 2016

Mike and Dan discuss how Christmas was for them.

Michigan hunters get 2 Christmas gifts

  1. New wolf hunting legislation passes in Michigan
  2. Blaze Pink hunting bill awaiting Governors signature in Michigan

Ice Fishing season is upon us

  1. Are the boys ready for ice fishing season
  2. Is the gear ready
  3. What do they need


Dec 19, 2016

Mike and Dan get to hunt together for their last deer hunt of the 2016 season.

  1. Reflecting back on the season
  2. Talking about the last hunt of the season
  3. Was the 2016 season a success
  4. What did we learn

We talk about whether we would give up our traditional November 15th Firearm Opener for deer season for a set weekend...

Dec 16, 2016

Episode 73

Friday, Deer Scouting

Saturday, Bow Shopping

  1. Bowtech Guardian

Outdoor News

  1. Maine trapping
  2. New Jersey safety law
  3. New Mexico road blocks
  4. Hunters and presidential voting


  1. Cabelas Trip
  2. Mikey's Birthday
  3. Mikey's first interview

Dec 12, 2016

Mike and Dan talk with three Junior Councelors from Backwater Legacies about their experience on a doe management hunt with Mike's deer camp and the UNJ crew.

  1. Laramie DeFord talks with the guys about his experience hunting in Michigan
  2. Erica Adams gives her take on how the hunt went in Michigan
  3. Gavin Bartholomew put a...

Dec 11, 2016

On this Minicast we talk about keeping fresh batteries for our outdoor electronics.