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Dec 31, 2017

Mike and Dan get to hit the ice for the first time in 3 seasons to ice fish!

  1. Dan screws up his breakfast
  2. First guys on the ice
  3. Sunrise
  4. Get fishing
  5. Putting fish on the ice finally
  6. Good to get out on the ice

2nd half of our 2017 year in review July - December!

Mike has to deal personally with the his first TB suspect...

Dec 25, 2017

Mike and Dan take care of some end of the year business along with recapping the first half of 2017!

  1. Coffee in the Cabin
  2. Livestreaming
  3. Out pet peeves this year
  4. Deer Coop leader conference call
  5. Deer blind furnaces
  6. Our embarrassing moments in the woods
  7. Danny makes venison sticks
  8. Ulu knives
  9. Mike and Dan's recap of the...

Dec 18, 2017

An interview with Anna Mitterling MUCC's Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator discussing CWD in Michigan and how the state is dealing with it.

  1. 3 years with Michigan United Conservation Club
  2. Helps private land owners get together and work together to manage their property for deer and also for pheasants.
  3. Helps landowners...

Dec 11, 2017

Mike and Dan talk about the special doe reduction hunt at Mike's deer camp with four youth from Indiana's Backwater Legacies Hunter Academy.

  1. Getting to camp
  2. Scouting the next morning to get our game plan together
  3. First hunt of the trip
  4. Next day's hunt
  5. Getting another plan together for the last full day

Mike takes two...

Dec 4, 2017

Outdoor Conservationist Shane Mahoney answers the question on what can we do to make an impact on wildlife.

  1. Everyone can do something for the outdoors
  2. Explain to people that planting a flower garden does more than beautify your property
  3. Share personal experiences
  4. Share simple stories
  5. Share your wild food with...