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Feb 23, 2023

Tonight we are chatting again with the people from Raised At Full Draw. They are a group that teaches youngsters everything they need to know from a to z about hunting and the outdoors.


Donise Petersen's outdoor passion of bow hunting turned into Raised at Full Draw

What is RAFD

What do they teach kids

What does it...

Feb 16, 2023

Tonight we are talking with Adam Kaiser to get the low down on Lowdown the high speed viewer for trail camera photos and videos.

What is a Lowdown high speed photo viewer?

How did the concept develop into the current viewer?

What was the first generation viewer like?

The several features with the Lowdown viewer


Feb 9, 2023

Tonight we are talking with two fishermen from the collegiate bass fishing series. We have two rival colleges represented tonight from right here in Michigan. It is Central Michigan University vs Western Michigan University in the UNJ Cabin!

How each of the guys got onto their respective college teams.

  1. The competitive...

Feb 2, 2023

Join us tonight as we chat with Lance Valentine of Talkin' Fishin'. He is one of Michigan's premier walleye fishermen and is going to talk about some of his best advice for getting started in walleye fishing. He also gives us a sneak peak of his new walleye jig head he helped develop. 

Back into show season

  1. Booth was...