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Jun 22, 2023

Join the guys in the Cabin this week as they catch up with UNJ Fishing's Adam Winn. We hear about his turkey season and how his spring fishing has been going.

Adam's spring turkey season

  1. Winter scouting
  2. Spring scouting
  3. Figuring out where the birds were at
  4. Rainy first week
  5. Calling in a lone bird

Spring fishing season...

Jun 11, 2023

Join the guys in the Cabin tonight as they talk with Danny/s fiance' Denise about going to Africa for the first time. While there she gets the itch to learn to shoot a rifle and then go after her first animal! She puts in 5 days of hunting to chase down an Impala.

Going through the procedure to obtain a passport


Jun 1, 2023

Join the guys in the Cabin as they check in with the owners of Blade's Bait and Tackle in Michigan's upper peninsula. This will be their first year of being open all year long. We will find out what they have to offer for the great outdoors for the summer season.

How did Blade and Lacy get their start in the...