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Nov 1, 2010

Remington 700 Safties

  • CNBC story "Remington Under Fire"
  • Safety issues

Election Week

  • Get out and vote!
  • What's important to you!

Sunday Hunting In Connecticut

  • No hunting on Sunday
  • BR Shooting Journal takes issue with old law
  • Help support to change and open Sundays to hunting in Connecticut

Indiana Deer Hunt

  • Chico's bad experience
  • How to handle a bad situation
  • Do's and don'ts when hunting with others

UNJ Pro Staffer Jonathon Reames Wins Campbells Whitetail Archery Challenge

  • Jon takes 1st place
  • Automatic qualifier for the circuit challenge next year!

Mikey's Game Bag

  • Weekend duck hunt
  • First time duck hunter
  • Painting decoys

UNJ Odds and Ends

  • Camper cleaning
  • Cabela's event this weekend
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