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Apr 25, 2016

G5 Super Slam event with Tim Checkeroski the G5 Marketing Specialist

  1. G5 got involved with the Super Slam to get the G5 name out to the local hunters and shooters
  2. Four leg event
  3. Use to be called the G5 Triple Threat for the last four years
  4. Family style event as well as professional shooters class
  5. A class for shooters that allows you to use a range finder to check distance to targets
  6. Every class shoots the same course but with different stakes
  7. 30 targets on the course
  8. 2 bonus targets with additional scoring possibilities
  9. First leg had 240 shooters
  10. 4th leg has bigger prize money payout
  11. Should bring an arrow puller, a good set of binoculars and a half dozen arrows
  12. 2 minute time limit to shoot per station
  13. Find more information at: G5 Super Slam Facebook Page

Illinois turkey hunt gone bad with Carrie Zylka of HuntFishTravel

  1. Carrie heads to Illinois for a turkey hunt and gets sick
  2. In Illinois you can only hunt turkeys until 1:00pm
  3. First day heard a lot of turkeys but nothing to shoot
  4. Set up in the middle of an ag field in a pop blind with a shotgun
  5. After the first morning hunt she became seriously ill
  6. After missing a day's hunt she went back out the third day but got even worse and called the hunt short
  7. Hunting Wisconsin next three weekends
  8. Talking hunting Wisconsin for turkeys

Dan's Michigan turkey hunt

  1. Monday he sees six toms but cannot put one down but got to see four of them fighting
  2. Moved blind for next day's hunt but only seen two hens

Mike's new mountain bike for hunting experiment

  1. Hope to use the bike to get back to stand and camp quietly
  2. Got the new bike Saturday morning and headed north to deer camp
  3. Headed out with the bike to check my trail cameras at camp
  4. On first impressions the bike performed as expected
  5. I had a backpack on along with my hiking boots and hunting coat, all items didn't cause any issues while riding
  6. Was able to ride within less than a hundred yards of several deer without being detected