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Jan 1, 2017

Mike and Dan say goodbye to 2016!

Talking about the CNN Eagle CAM

  1. Shows eagle eggs hatching
  2. We put a live feed on our webpage
  3. Harriett and M16, mom and dad eagles
  4. Eagles in Fort Meyers Florida
  5. Why is everyone loosing their minds and so involved over this eagle cam?
  6. Technology separating us from the outdoors
  7. Dan talks about local eagles in our area

10th Year of podcasting this year!

If you had $1000 and you could only buy one gun what would it be?

  1. Mike - Browning 7mm RemMag Xbolt or a Ruger Model M77 bolt action in same caliber
  2. Dan - .308 Remington pump rifle or a Remington Model 700 in same caliber
  3. Safety placement on rifles
  4. The boys get distracted by the eagle eggs on live feed
  5. Mike changes his mind on the gun he would buy

Danny asks Mike about shooting small bucks

  1. Guys gets hammered on line for shooting a button buck
  2. Mike says to change rules instead of hammering fellow hunters
  3. Talks about rules and camp expectations
  4. Stop and think before you post your photos and comments

Quote by Donnie Vincent and Aldo Leupold.  What did 2016 teach you to take into the outdoors for the rest of your life?

  1. Quote for outdoorsmen and women and everyone else
  2. Danny gets tongue tied
  3. Interacting in the simplest way with the outdoors
  4. Using your interaction to reach out to those who have no experience with the  outdoors
  5. What did Dan take from 2016 that he will use in the outdoors? Forestry on his land, and managing the land
  6. What did Mike take from 2016 that he will use in the outdoors? Mock scrapes, habitat, time management and educating fellow hunters