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Jan 9, 2017

Our take on supplemental turkey feeding in the winter

  1. We don't do it
  2. Have to be careful due to deer and bear getting into the feed site
  3. Could keep flocks bunched together instead of breaking up for spring breeding
  4. Could cause a big boom in local turkey population where you're feeding
  5. Could kill birds due to mold or bacteria in stored feeds
  6. Might cause a big scat mess that you're not expecting
  7. Plant winter feeding plots for turkey as an alertnative

Ann Arbor Michigan votes to sterilize doe deer to control population

  1. Contoling deer population with sterilization
  2. Same company as the one in Staten Island N.Y. is sterilizing the deer, (White Buffalo)
  3. Michigan DNR ok'd this plan
  4. Why did they go against sound science and the outdoorsmen and women of Michigan?
  5. Wasted resource
  6. Could lead to other organizations trying the same thing to control deer populations
  7. Michigan United Conservation Club following and fighting this action

Will the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting affect hunters trying to transport their firearms on airlines?

  1. How will this incident change transportation rules
  2. All rules seemed to be have followed
  3. Will this stop the transportation of firearms all together?
  4. Might be an opportunity for someone to create a company to ship firearms for shooters and hunters

Next step for Mike and Dan after their property is logged

  1. Dan is ready to go on his cutting
  2. What habitat will be planted
  3. What determines what will be planted
  4. How do you protect the young plants?
  5. Creating deer beds?
  6. Will predator control be part of the plan?

Mike and Dan preparing for this week's Archery Trade Association show in Indianapolis!

  1. Live posts from Indy
  2. Looking for new info, stories and products

Looking forward to our 400th show!!!!!