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Feb 13, 2017

This week we talk with Charles Byrum who left California hunting and had to learn to hunt Iowa.

  1. Started deer hunting at 12 years of age in California
  2. He hunted a mule deer subspecies
  3. Spot and stalk style hunt on public land
  4. Had a foot injury and eventually moved to Iowa with his family
  5. Has lived in Iowa for 4 years now
  6. Had to adjust to winter weather
  7. California hunting license cost quite a bit more than most states
  8. Iowa license quotas for doe are quite a bit different
  9. California deer management a lot different than Iowa
  10. When did Charles change from just being a hunter to a conservationist
  11. Changed from being just a meat hunter to hunting to help manage the health of the herd
  12. Hunts private and public land both
  13. Knocks on a lot of doors to ask for permission to hunt
  14. Actually lost a piece of property to hunt for shooting a coyote
  15. Just took his first deer with a bow from a treestand this year
  16. What it was like to pass on a buck for the first time
  17. Talking turkey hunting in Iowa
  18. Mostly a locate, sit and call style of hunting turkeys
  19. Two turkey tags a season in Iowa
  20. Talking waterfowl hunting opportunities in Iowa
  21. Our shotgun style questions we pose to our guests

Mike and Dan will be at the Michigan Deer and Turkey show next weekend in Lansing Michigan

Next week we will talk frost seeding for food plots

Update on our logging projects