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Feb 27, 2017

Justin Moore Concert

  1. Mike and Danny got their country on with a country concert
  2. Cabela's provided us some great seats as pro staffers
  3. Crazy weather on the way to the concert

Cabelas Turkey seminars coming to the Saginaw store

  1. March 11 - 12
  2. March 25 - 26

Danny hits another outdoor show this weekend.

  1. Attended Outdoorama in Michigan
  2. Met with several other people working in the outdoors
  3. Bought something for his kayak
  4. Danny purchased a trip for salmon fishing
  5. Talking about leaving gear at your camp

How did the price of grain rising affect the wildlife?

  1. Reduction of fence rows, wind rows, ditches and marginal land led to more row crops being planted which reduced habitat.
  2. Fuel prices with E85 fuels
  3. Pesticide use along with a housing boom reducing habitat
  4. Evolution of land use and hunting habitat
  5. Evolution of hunters over time to more conservation and education
  6. Where does it go from here

Deer Set on Fire

Pennsylvania trying to change laws concerning the theft of a trail camera 

  1. New Proposal
  2. $1500 fine and one year loss of hunting privileges

Danny had a visitor living in his cabin

Be safe while out in the field or on the water