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Mar 6, 2017

Joe Conyers of Conyers Outdoors talks about his Kansas buck called Madusa!

  1. Named Madusa due to the look of the antlers
  2. Gross scored 233 7/8"
  3. Watched buck for 2 years
  4. Shot in middle of October
  5. He passed so his wife could shoot but she missed
  6. He got another opportunity and he took it
  7. 21 yard shot!
  8. Ran 75 yards
  9. Got so emotional he puked
  10. Changed his life
  11. Changed the future of his business
  12. 354 lbs. live weight
  13. Kansas habitat and hunting styles
  14. Took a lot of flack for shooting it
  15. Got beat up on facebook
  16. But a lot of good came out of it as well
  17. Had the DNR called on him by someone jealous
  18. Offers hunts for deer, turkey, predators, etc.....
  19. Offers hats, shirts and turkey calls with proceeds to go to support youth hunts

QDMA question and answer live on facebook

  1. Mike's question about piebald deer
  2. Should they be taken out
  3. Is there a problem with leaving them in the herd
  4. Coyote management
  5. Food plots and tree planting

Dan's forestry project is taking off

  1. Logging to start this week
  2. Looking forward to seeing a new look on the property when he goes back to see it
  3. It will put feed down for the deer