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Mar 13, 2017

Interview with Lincoln Rohn, founder of Michigan Deer Hunters Let'em Go and Let'em Grow.

  1. Closed Facebook group, must be vetted to be part of the group.
  2. For Michigan hunters
  3. He started his own type of QDM on his property about 15 years ago
  4. Went to informational meeting about Michigan's Northwest 12 APR's which led to the formation of this group
  5. Researched one buck rule but it didn't prove to protect enough 1.5 year old books
  6. Also took too much DNR money to change two buck rule
  7. Researched Hunter's Choice rule in NE Michigan which also doesn't protect the 1.5 year old bucks
  8. APR's protect the 1.5 year old bucks as proven from the Michigan NW 12
  9. Public land hunters as well as private land hunters are buying into this management style
  10. Over 21,000 members on this Facebook Page Group
  11. Not just a trophy buck shooter group
  12. Asking to pass on spikes and 4 points mostly
  13. Going into 2nd year of APR's would increase buck population in Michigan to over 300,000
  14. Makes for a healthier herd and more intense rut
  15. Late breeding means too many does
  16. Now is the time for regulation changes, if not it won't happen until 2020
  17. Managing for older bucks helps with disease control
  18. Before APR's shooting 70% - 80% of 1.5 year old bucks, after APR's only about 30% 1.5 year old bucks
  19. Hunter retention
  20. Michigan Whitetail Summit
  21. Event to promote and educate a healthy deer herd
  22. Tickets

Illinois water use permit

  1. State of Illinois to charge for floating or using public waterways
  2. Permit to use non motorized water vehicles, kayaks, canoes, and yes even inner tubes.
  3. Will also charge people for OWI when using these types of water vehicles