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Apr 3, 2017

This is the 2nd Anniversary to the Ourdoor Podcast Channel!

  1. Outdoor podcasts are posted everyday
  2. 3 new shows join the channel this past week!
  3. 13 Shows every week!
  4. Looking for new shows to join the OPC!

Food Plot Time!

  1. Soil sample gathering time
  2. Getting plans lined up to do planting
  3. Looking at planting trees
  4. Some tree species are getting hard to find now
  5. Forestry projects on hold


  1. Going to the Deer Summit in Mid Michigan, w\Kip Adams of QDMA
  2. Coyote problems and how it relates to late fawn drops and the lack of landmangement of nearby properties
  3. How having other property owners manage their land helps the overall herd health

Tree Planting

  1. Don't spend all of your money at one time for tree planting
  2. Could be a total bust with a dry planting year or a disease wipes them out
  3. Staggered planting also leads to staggered harvest to spread out your income
  4. What we are planting now, we will not see the results in our lifetime, this is for future generations
  5. How previous generations planted for us to use and now it is our turn to plant it for the future
  6. Wanting to use areal photos
  7. Wanting to learn about control burns

Freezer went and we lost all of our wild game meat from this season.

  1. Lost all of our wild game meat from last season, nothing is left
  2. Cleaning it all out
  3. Battery warning alarm to warn of a power outage