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May 1, 2017

Michigan DNR makes recommendations for the 2017 Deer Season to the NRC.

  1. Remove sunset date on the NW 12 Antler Point Restrictions.
  2. Move to implement APR's for all of zone 2 in Michigan
  3. Zone 3 to stay the same
  4. Some Antlerless permits for certain DMU's in the Upper Peninsula
  5. Other miscellaneous changes

Mike attended a deer browse study in Northern Michigan with MUCC.

  1. What is a deer browse study
  2. How to conduct it
  3. What are we looking for
  4. What information does it give us
  5. Which species do deer like best
  6. Oak wilt
  7. White Oak and Red Oak which is better to plant

PSE Evolve bows in the Up North Journal stable for 2017