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Aug 7, 2017

The guys attend the Grand Opening of the new Chesterfield Michigan Cabela's!

  1. Guys are broadcasting from inside the store
  2. Covering the festivities
  3. The new exclusive Gun Hub digital gun station
  4. Interview with Jim Beauchamp of the Chesterfield Cabela's
  5. Michigan native, vacationed and hunted in the Upper Peninsula
  6. Story of working at Cabela's
  7. What makes Cablea's so great
  8. Why this location
  9. Interview with Lead Bow Tech Chris Schner
  10. Getting your bow ready for the upcoming season
  11. Shoots NFAA circuit
  12. Talking possible new tournaments for next year in Michigan

Treestand Safety Awareness Month

  1. Safety harness
  2. Climbing line
  3. Have a person with you when installing a stand on a tree
  4. Check the tree for health, and sturdiness before hanging a stand
  5. Check to make sure ground is not saturated with water
  6. Check surrounding trees to make sure no dead limbs or trees are able to fall on you

Broadheads and shots from a treestand

  1. Mike uses a fixed blade cut on contact G5 Montech which is stainless steel
  2. Dan uses the G5 T3 mechanical broadhead
  3. Shot placement when hunting from a treestand

Should we manage our fish like our land species wild game?