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Aug 14, 2017

Danny spent the weekend working for PSE at the new Chesterfield Cablea's store

Mike spent the weekend working for Vortex at the Dundee Cabela's store

Reflections on the weekend

  1. Waterfowl Weekend
  2. Do we have too many events or shows in the outdoors?
  3. Slower than years past
  4. Will a cold snap of weather get people in the mood to get out and get ready for this fall's hunting season?
  5. Young 9 year old puts things into perspective for the rest of us!
  6. Even fishing department was slow

Binocular 101

  1. What do the numbers mean on binoculars
  2. How does the size of the objective lens affect brightness?
  3. How does the magnification affect brightness?
  4. The more magnification the more we magnify hand shake and movements.
  5. The more magnification increases the better chance you have for eye fatigue
  6. Spotting scopes straight eye piece vs angled eye piece
  7. The Fury rangefinding binocular by Vortex
  8. Why do they have twist up eyecups?
  9. How to focus each eye
  10. Why use a bino harness?

Dr. James Kroll aka Dr. Deer's take on CWD and where we are with this disease

  1. Who had the first wildlife enclosure in the United States?
  2. A lot of blame was put on game farms
  3. Only once has a disease been eradicated from a deer herd
  4. Numbers get manipulated to create a situation to obtain grant monies
  5. How the Anti's can use this bad info to hurt us
  6. How they are working on creating watering sites to help manage EHD

Danny talks about dogs being in places of business

  1. Dogs in outdoor sporting goods stores
  2. Dogs in grocery stores or restaurants
  3. How they act in the stores
  4. Pet stores