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Sep 4, 2017

We chat with Dan Jasa from PSE Archery about preseason practice tips to get you ready for the upcoming archery season.

  1. Using a paper bag as a target to aim at
  2. Use one arrow at different distances then use the bag
  3. Practice from elevated situations as well
  4. Dropping your arm to shoot down it moves all of your anchor points
  5. Don't shoot from just one distance
  6. Should we practice with our broadheads?
  7. How important is bare shaft tuning?
  8. How important is the correct nock?
  9. Squaring the arrows
  10. Lighted nocks
  11. Inserts and FOC

Dan Jasa breaks down the new PSE Shootdown target bow as well as the two other new target bows!

Heroes on the Water providing a free fishing event for veterans and first responders.

  1. 100% free event
  2. Kayak fishing, food, fun
  4. Next event at 7 Lakes State Park in Oakland County Michigan Sept. 10th.
  5. Robin Althaver participated in the last event, her take on what it meant to her and her daughter

Mike and Dan give their preseason practice tips for archery season.