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Sep 18, 2017

Getting your bow ready for the upcoming archery season

  1. People getting busy getting their bows ready for the upcoming season
  2. Cabela's has a lot of bow tuning services for free!
  3. Most common thing is new strings and new arrow rests
  4. Choosing the arrow your bow likes
  5. Tuning Dan's bow
  6. How to paper tune the PSE Evolve
  7. Cam lean
  8. How to check your bow for cam lean
  9. What is perfect arrow flight
  10. Paper tuning a bow
  11. Does a lighted nock affect the FOC and arrow flight?
  12. How does all of this affect the bow hunter?
  13. How does speed affect arrow and broadhead flight?
  14. How late is too late to change to new release aide
  15. The new Perfex Stan release
  16. Difference between index finger and thumb releases