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Oct 2, 2017

We get interviewed by Iowa Hunter Charles Byrum on doe management

  1. Should you concentrate on does that have multiple fawns or the "dry" does
  2. Average age of all does shot should be around 2.5 - 3.5 which shows that your buck to doe ratio is close
  3. General mindset for the beginning of the season, do you hunt bucks only or both bucks and does
  4. Field dressing or storing deer in the early season
  5. Shoot does in the early season or the late season
  6. Do you field dress the deer in the hunting area or in the woods or do you take it away from the area you hunt

Interview with Dan Jasa about the PSE 2018 lineup reveal

  1. The new 4 series lineup to help the buying experience
  2. What was the public reaction to the unveil
  3. Customer feedback goes back to the factory to influence the future bow lineups
  4. Pete Shepley has a solid influence in the company and passion for pushing for excellence
  5. Bows are in the shops to checkout and shoot

Talking about shooting releases

  1. Cabela's Instinct release by Stan
  2. Not a standard trigger release
  3. Quality components bread consistency and less movement
  4. Trigger travel
  5. Introducing next week's special guest