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Nov 6, 2017

After issues with using a treestand safety harness Mike solves some of the issues he had in stand

  1. Safety strap too short
  2. Couldn't shoot right out of the treestand
  3. Used a Life Line to solve the issues
  4. Talked about how he tied in to the tree to allow more freedom of movement

A week of bow hunting at deer camp with friends and family

  1. Setting treestands
  2. Trail cam photos to set the tone for the hunt
  3. How did the new food plot planting do
  4. How often do you check your cards
  5. Only hunted stands when the weather conditions were correct
  6. Mike got to hunt with his dad and his friend David Boggs
  7. Predators played a role in our deer hunt
  8. Moved a treestand in the middle of a hunt
  9. Two other friends made it camp later in the week
  10. Rain played a big role in our hunt along with a full moon at night
  11. Deer moved during the middle of the day
  12. Saw four bucks the entire week
  13. No bucks chasing yet
  14. Socks our piebald doe made an appearance
  15. We are looking forward now to the opener of firearm deer season on the 15th.