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Jan 15, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Outdoor Channel videographer Ben LaLonde.

  1. Chased his dream job
  2. Works for the Outdoor Channel
  3. News was the stepping stone to bigger things
  4. Thought about the Travel Channel
  5. After 12 - 15 applications with no call he was starting to wonder
  6. One email changed his fortune
  7. 2 months later he was hired
  8. First assignment was Hawaii
  9. In Alaska chasing dangerous game
  10. Thinking about grizzlies made him a bit nervous
  11. 150 miles into the Arctic Circle
  12. Most embarrassing moment
  13. Bad rain gear leads to hypothermia and dehydration
  14. Pee color is important
  15. A good exhaustion
  16. Looking through the lens
  17. Working with Dr. James Kroll aka Dr. Deer
  18. Watching the way nature works is simply incredible
  19. Everything fades away
  20. Being behind the lens is different than being behind the trigger

Archery Trade Association show 2018

  1. 4 hard days
  2. Attendance was down
  3. Not as many vendors
  4. Garmin Xero bow sight was the wow factor of the show
  5. Dan liked Con Quest Scents doe in heat test kit
  6. Mike liked the PSE Stealth Carbon riser bow
  7. Mike also liked the Primos see through blind
  8. Native Blinds concept
  9. Fourth Arrow Camera Arms new products
  10. Wynd Scents new products
  11. Carbon Express AtlAtl
  12. Rambo Bikes
  13. Got our hands on a brand new bow that the public has never seen
  14. Danny breaks a crossbow