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Jan 22, 2018

Live at Cabela's Wildgame Food Weekend

  1. Sampling wildgame food that was prepared to sample for customers showing them how to use wildgame for the Big Game!
  2. Food preparation gear giveaway

Wrap up of after hours events at the ATA show in Indianapolis.

  1. Outtech
  2. Hudalla
  3. 3rd annual podcast mashup meet and greet with Hunt Fish Travel, Take Aim and Rut and River Pursuits podcasts

Dan talks about making his Hunter Sticks with his deer this year

  1. What is mixed with deer meat to make the Hunter Sticks
  2. The process for making them
  3. Vacuum sealing the finished product 

Cost of processing your deer

  1. What do you want out of it
  2. What area of the state are you having it done in
  3. Is it a fly by night processor or a regular butcher

Making a roast

Badlands Film Festival

  1. 5th annual festival at the ATA Show
  2. Long film segment is 7 -10 minutes
  3. Short film segment is 3 -5 minutes
  4. Winners were all first time film makers to this event
  5. Long form winner was a hunt for a Billy Goat in Colorado with a mother who was sick
  6. Short film was a traditional on the ground bear hunt in Alaska
  7. The films this year took a different point of view