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Jan 28, 2018

While at the ATA show a few weeks back we had the pleasure of meeting Mike Gustafson from Buckhaven Learning Ctr. and talk with him about their hunt with combat wounded and disabled vets.

  2. 12 hunters a year
  3. Provide everything except travel
  4. If you can't make the events feel free to donate
  5. Mike talks about his most memorable hunt with a vet and it's POWERFUL!

We talk with Tim Sias of Limb Walker Game Calls about his turkey pot calls.

  1. Got started making calls by looking for a hobby
  2. It grew into a business
  3. Got the passion for hunting from his father
  4. Started going out with his father at age 2 and 3 squirrel hunting
  5. Got the turkey bug around 11 or 12 years old
  6. His dad taught him all about turkeys
  7. Shot his first turkey at age 19
  8. Tim's favorite call is the glass over slate pot call
  9. His favorite wood to use and why
  10. What wood sounds better
  11. What striker material works best
  12. Acrylic strikers work in the wet on a slate call
  13. End of the striker shapes dictate the sound as well
  14. Striker head shapes and weight
  15. Diamond wood is the most popular striker material currently
  16. How long does it take to make a call
  17. Custom work
  18. The Turkey Sling
  19. Where did the idea come from

West Virginia is restoring their elk herd

  1. Brought 24 elk into WV last January from Kentucky
  2. A few of the calves have died
  3. Arizona has 60 elk in quarantine now that will be transported to WV this year
  4. Another 15-20 from Kentucky will also be brought into WV this year
  5. The elk are micro chipped and collared
  6. Tim has a live stream every Friday at 8pm on his personal Facebook page