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Feb 12, 2018

Mike and Dan talk about their experience at Turtle Lake Hunt Club where Dr. James Kroll conducted the 15th annual deer herd health check by performing necropsies on does selectively harvested.

  1. Oldest deer camp in Michigan est. 1884
  2. Lots of Michigan deer management people in attendance
  3. Very educational
  4. Mike's fourth necropsy, Dan's first
  5. Live weight of deer
  6. Special deer permits to take deer in February
  7. Sharp shooters with neck shots
  8. Bone marrow samples and what it shows
  9. Kidney fat index and what it shows
  10. Collect ovaries
  11. Fat tissue and what that tells us
  12. Stomach and it's parts
  13. Liver and liver flukes
  14. Measuring fetus' and what that tells us and how we can use this information to change the age structure of our deer herd
  15. The trickle rut and how that affects our bucks and the fawns that are born the next spring
  16. Checking for indicators of TB
  17. Oakland County Michigan Suspect TB case

Talking with Gabby Garza who attended the event with us. She is a new hunter and we got to hear her take on what she learned.

  1. Was surprised about how open Dr. Deer was with sharing the information while performing the necropsies
  2. Was amazed by the whole process
  3. Learning how to gut a deer
  4. Deer are donated to food pantry
  5. Wondered how long the fetus' lived after the doe was shot
  6. CWD, everyone has an opinion and theory

Talking with Triston Cole Michigan State Representative in the 105th district.

  1. Sits on the Michigan Sportsmen's Caucus as a co-chair
  2. 90% of DNR budget comes from hunting and fishing licenses
  3. Works on the behalf of sportsmen of Michigan
  4. He's an outdoorsmen and worked in the outdoors as a guide
  5. Works with Representatives that have never had a wild outdoor experience and takes them out so they can experience what we do

Checking in to see how the winter logging project looked

  1. Looking forward to seeing what the area will become
  2. Saw a lot of deer in the cutting
  3. Had a lot of dead wood in the section
  4. Checked the oak wilt area as well