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Feb 26, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Bill Epeards from the PSE Elite Pro Staff and Mossy Oak Pro Staff.

  1. Shot the African Big 5
  2. With PSE for 44 years and Mossy Oak 28 years
  3. Hunted with Curt Gowdy
  4. Former sheriff
  5. Doing the right thing
  6. The Evolve Cam System
  7. The Carbon Stealth
  8. Respect for the animals
  9. Most memorable African hunt was the Lion hunt at 32 yards!
  10. New Zeeland Tar
  11. Dick Kriby of Quaker Boy Calls
  12. Taking kids hunting
  13. Favorite wild game meal
  14. African hunting
  15. Eric Trump
  16. Early years of hunting and archery shooting
  17. One piece of advice for young people

Danny talks about magna porting his shotgun barrel.

  1. He won a auction to get his barrel magna ported
  2. Mike just did an On The Trial segment on Muzzle Brakes
  3. It does increase the loudness of the shot blast
  4. Hearing protecton while hunting

New Limb Walker Game Call

  1. New Aluminum surface pot calls
  2. Double Sided glass over slate
  3. Glass call
  4. Slate Call

Conditioning calls

  1. Primos Slick Stick
  2. Box call chalk
  3. Cleaning your peg with Scotch Brite
  4. Mouth calls and mouth wash

Locator calls

  1. Owl hooters
  2. Crow call
  3. Peacock call