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Apr 16, 2018

Winter Storm in April kept the boys at home all weekend

  1. Danny turkey scouted Thursday on public land
  2. Sand Hill Cranes made their reappearance
  3. Turkeys won't lay eggs till it gets warmer
  4. Heavy wet snow and ice hit the area and kept the boys from attending the Michigan Deer Summit

How does this latest winter storm affect our deer herds.

  1. 22 inches of snow hit Mike's deer camp this weekend
  2. 16 inches hit the area where Dan hunts
  3. Heavy wet snow dumped quick kills deer that are already stressed
  4. 6 months with no green food and they need 6 pounds of food a day puts major stress on deer
  5. We need a green up quick
  6. How much food do deer need to get through a winter
  7. Dealing with hunters who don't shoot does when the area needs them to be thinned

Talking about how shooting target archery will help you in the treestand in the fall.

  1. Interviewed Dan Jasa of PSE Archery and Chris Schnur about this subject and will air later this month.
  2. Competitive shooting
  3. Individual sport where it's all on you like hunting

Taking a look at the new gear we are using for the upcoming target shooting season.

  1. PSE Phenom SD XT
  2. 35.5" axel to axel
  3. 7 5/8 brace height
  4. Live wire strings
  5. Ferocity which will be able to be purchased at Cabelas and Bass Pro
  6. 30.75 Axel to Axel
  7. 6.5" Brace height

Mike finished up the second module of Deer Steward !

  1. Antlered deer management
  2. Antlerless deer managagement
  3. Deer genetics
  4. How injury plays into antler growth
  5. Antler growth is dictated by Age, Nutrition, and Genetics
  6. Don't forget that half of the DNA is contributed by the doe so how do you manage that?