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May 7, 2018

Using a trail camera to scout for turkey

  1. Good to use on private land
  2. Cuts down the scouting time
  3. Help to figure out where to set up
  4. Can see specific birds
  5. Helps to know what times they frequent the area
  6. Snow still on the ground
  7. Gobbler came up to the lodge in camp

On the way home from camp came into an area that had a wild fire

  1. Too dry to burn
  2. Bone dry conditions
  3. Burn bans in affect
  4. Spring plants sucking up all the moisture in the ground
  5. Too much standing dead wood
  6. Logging creates natural fire break
  7. Private lands have too much fuel load on the ground in Northern Michigan

Deer are feeding heavily

  1. During green up the mature does are getting the best food
  2. Younger deer suffer with less to eat
  3. How much milk does a fawn need a day?
  4. How does that equate to deer browse?

Turkey populations low due to?

  1. Long winter
  2. Cold and wet weather leads to cold ground that keeps turkeys from laying eggs
  3. Pushes poults hatching later and not getting enough warm weather to gain enough weight to make it through the next winter
  4. Public vs Private land
  5. Predation

Tick season!

  1. Mike got the first ticks of the year!
  2. Makes you itch for days
  3. Don't forget your dogs too

Talking a little trout fishing

Spring weather affects so many things in the outdoors