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Jun 18, 2018

Lincoln Rohn of Michigan Deer Hunters Let'em Go Let'em Grow talks about his new company Packer Maxx that sells culitpackers.

  1. How he obtained the company
  2. Several different types or sizes
  3. Can use with ATV or has a unit with a 3 point hitch
  4. Purchase points and prices
  5. Partnering with Mossy Oak, Biologic and Gamekeepers

Background of what led up to the NRC meeting this week with proposals for the 2018 Michigan Deer Hunting Season in regards to CWD spreading.

  1. How APR's played into the mix for the last several years
  2. APR group has tried to get APR's passed statewide
  3. CWD has now come on the scene
  4. Michigan had response plan implemented in 2008 and then went back to status quo
  5. New plan for latest CWD issue is the same as what Wisconsin tried several years ago with no impact
  6. Michigan Deer Hunters Let'em Go and Let'em Grow group proposed an action plan to combat CWD spreading
  7. Michigan DNR won't use their proposal to fight CWD
  8. DNR plan is a deer eradication plan, not simply a reduction plan
  9. DNR plan will not keep hunters engaged
  10. Plan similar to what happened in NE Michgian 15 years ago which was a complete disaster
  11. Michigan hunters need to convince the NRC now to listen to them and come up with a sensible plan to drop deer densities and help slow down CWD spread
  12. Sportsmen need to back a governor that will appoint new NRC board members that work for hunters not against them
  13. Is money involved in the decision making process?

Mike attended a Prescribed fire workshop this weekend with Dr. Craig Harper from the University of Tennesee

  1. Took what he learned from Deer Steward 1 in the prescribed fire module and put it with the visual from the workshop
  2. It helped to see actually what I learned in the online course
  3. Got to see what forbes deer desire which opened my eyes to what a good field looks like