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Jul 9, 2018

Danny gives us a report from his trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula

  1. Time at deer camp
  2. Talking about the recent flood and the water levels
  3. Fishing was slow
  4. Fishing almanac

Chatting about trail cams and cellphone styled trail cams

  1. Little Bear
  2. Bigger Bear
  3. Bear survey from the Michigan DNR

Deer management

  1. Buck to doe ratios and what the problems become with the rut when they are askew
  2. How it affects the bucks
  3. How does the age class of does affect the herd
  4. Fawns being bred, how big do they have to be to be bred
  5. What is the affect of fawns being bred on the deer herd
  6. How does the habitat affect the health of the herd and the fawning
  7. Does and milk
  8. If you can tighten up the rut, how does it affect the fawning season and predation
  9. Food plots and predation
  10. Discussion as to why states don't take a regional approach to solving CWD instead of each state by itself